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Choplin by Rene Bieder (85% off ends today July 26th).

Rene Bieder did it again, his wonderful taste in shaping typefaces delight us again with this release of Choplin, a geometric Slab Serif font, base on Campton. Rene describes his own font in this way:

Choplin is a modern and clear geometric slab serif with a sturdy heart. It was designed based on the Campton Family, with the same principles in mind: geometry, simplicity and neutrality. As a consequence, Choplin could be seen as an immediate companion to the Campton Family. However, during the process lots of details were changed in order to sharpen the slab serif character which resulted in a slightly different interpretation.

Similar to Campton, it is perfectly suited for graphic design applications ranging from editorial, corporate, web, interaction to product design. In addition, it has an extended range of alternative glyphs, ligatures and opentype features which provide flexibility and uniqueness wherever it is placed.

You can get the font with a huge discount of 85% off that’s mean $35 for 18 fonts. If you have followed Rene for some time you will know that this kind of offer never repeats, the normal price of this professional font is $250. 

This introductory discount finish todayhttp://myfonts.us/Uzu5iV


Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego

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It’s been a long week, and if you’re like me your plans for the weekend involve a huge bag of oranges, three layers of “blogging slacks,” and the complete annihilation of ego and transcendence into pure metaphysical infinity. If you’re not quite sold on how to go about that last bit, I’ll excitedly point you toward Hexeosis.

The pet project of a Santa Monica-based designer/director/animator/editor, Hexeosis is one of the most beautifully obsessive and hypnotic projects on Tumblr. Its premise is accessibly simple: hexagon-based GIF animations that attempt to evoke the inherent infinity of geometric self-replication.

The title “Hexeosis” is, as you may have guessed, a portmanteau of “hexagon” and “apotheosis,” codifying the notion that each animation is a sincere but playful elevation of its core form to a kind of divinity. As its creator states, Hexeosis is an attempt to “visually represent infinity,” a grandiose task it manages to make surprisingly engaging and unpretentious.

The results are not only stunning and endlessly fascinating, but impressively diverse despite their foundational sameness. It’s a kind of devotional art that directs its transcendentally-minded energy toward a very pure kind of expression, in the universally inclusive languages of mathematics and color.

Be sure to check out the Hexeosis store too.

The wonderful and sad part is that these can entertain me for hours.

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Shentox by Emtype Foundry.

During a visit to London in 2008 I fell in love with the square font used on the British car number plates. I was immediately inspired to start working on this font and have been developing it intermittently ever since. Several more trips to London and the project evolved before it finally took off and became Shentox. Despite the starting point being inspired by simple, everyday car plates, the font soon evolved into something fine and very rich in detail. Even though the square genre is very restrictive, Shentox is a highly legible contemporary font with a full range of weights, useable not only as a display family for headlines and posters, but as a distinct, clean font family for branding and general editorial use (Especially magazines). It has been carefully drawn paying extra attention to the details, high end finishes that makes Shentox a safe font for use in large scale work. For example, the curves of every individual corner have been adjusted character by character to avoid the common problems encountered with square fonts (Eg. darker corners between weights or a visually inconsistent radius between the Upper and Lowercases as a result of copy/paste). Shentox italic, which has a 12 degree slant, has been corrected to avoid distortion when slanted. The radius of the upper-right and lower-left corners are more pronounced, giving it a more fluid Italic feel. Shentox is available in Open Type format and includes ligatures, tabular figures, fractions, numerators, denominators, superiors and inferiors. It supports Central and Eastern European languages. This type family consists of 14 styles, 7 weights (Thin, UltraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold and Bold) plus italics.

Get it here: http://myfonts.us/k4dSCi

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